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Ribao BC2000 V Counting Machine

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Ribao BC2000 V Counting Machine

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  • Brand: Ribao
  • Main Category:Equipment
  • Category: Banking Equipment
  • SubCategory: Currency Counting Machine
  • Product Code: NDS-786
  • Stock:(02) Items In Stock

High speed and high capacity: Counting smoothly and quietly at 3 different speed:

800,1100,1500pcs/min, with a large hopper capacity of 400pcs and a stacker capacity of 200pcs

Counterfeit detection: Double detection,Narrow Dimension Detection, UV,MG are used for

Counterfeit detection.

Counting mode: Automatic/Manual Start Mode, Continuous Counting Mode, Batch Counting

Mode(preset 100/50/10 or arbitrary number 0-999 through numeric key), Accumulation(Total) Counting Mode.

Easy to use: With an user friendly interface and LED screen,it is very simple to operate the machine

Even with little or no training, and can be widely used for bank customers and retail markets

Durability and warranty: BACL certificated. Heavy duty construction allows for long-time continuous

Couning at maximum speed. We offer a 2-year warranty against manufacturer defect.

Ribao BC2000 V Counting Machine

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