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LIDIX ML-2V Counting And Sorting Machine

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LIDIX ML-2V Counting And Sorting Machine

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  • Brand: Lidix
  • Main Category:
  • Category: Banking Equipment
  • SubCategory: Currency Counting Machine
  • Product Code: NDS-M-0004
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The ML-2V banknote counter and sorter is a fast, high-quality machine. Its

smooth, quiet and user-friendly operation ensure that it is the most reliable

banknote counter available. The ML-2V is sought after by banking institutions

worldwide, as well as foreign exchange companies due to it being able to handle

multiple currencies and high standard of counterfeit detection. The LIDIX ML-2V

has software to count U.S. Currency and can be loaded to count Multiple

International Currencies. This Discriminator Currency Counter offers Superior

Performance with Fitness Sorting and Authenticity Detection option. The unit is

equipped with quick booting system. It has 6 Different Image Acquisition. Dual

Side Serial Number Recognition option. Up to 20 different Currency processing.

Optional Serial number printing & management, external display and Thermal


Superior Performance

Quick Booting System

6 Different Image Acquisition

The Fastest Speed (1500 notes/min)

Dual Side Serial Number Recognition

5” Full-Color Touch Display

Easy Software Upgrade

User-friendly Interface

Multi Currency Processing

Parallel Operation


LIDIX ML-2V Counting And Sorting Machine

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