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MIB-9-Currency discrimination counter

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MIB-9-Currency discrimination counter

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  • Brand: Cassida
  • Main Category:
  • Category: Banking Equipment
  • SubCategory: Currency Counting Machine
  • Product Code: NDS-MIB-9
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MIB Series are the most intelligent and reliable banknote counters which use imag

processing technology to recognize banknotes and to discriminate denominations.

MIB-9, One of the advanced SB series, is the worlds smallest currency discriminator

having 2 pockets, a stacker and a reject pocket. MIB-9 has various and useful functions

and keeps up with growing customer demand from all over the world.

With Modern design, full graphic LCD and User- friendly interface, MIB-9 provides every

operator with more comfortable and efficient working environment. Having a reject

pocket, MIB-9 allows operators to perform daily cash processing job without any

interruption. while counting, suspected banknotes, unrecognized banknotes and

strange notes automatically diverting them to reject pocket.

MIB-9 is 2 pocket high-resolution currency discrimination Counter.

Up to 20 currencies can be installed

Color LCD Display

World’s Smallest Size

Easy Maintenance

Far Less Jams Due to Shorter Path

4 Machine Readable Counterfeit Detecting Features (Visible Light, IR, UV, MR)


USB key upgrade


MIB-9-Currency discrimination counter

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