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Cassida C200 Coin Counter and Sorter

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  • Brand: Cassida
  • Main Category:
  • Category: Banking Equipment
  • SubCategory: Coin Counting Machine
  • Product Code: NDS-730
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Cassida C200 Coin Counter and Sorter

 The Cassida C200 is an all-in-one solution for any coin handling need. It will count and sort all your coins at once. Coins can be sorted into designated coin bins, or can be directly put into coin rolls. 

Complete Solution

Separates and counts mixed denominations in one easy step no adjustment needed Sorts each denomination into separate bins Individual batch setting for each denomination_ Reports AED value for each denomination and grand total
  • 4 operation modes : COUNT, SORT, ADD, BATCH
Comfortable For Cashier
Coin bins fit securely for continuous counting Option to adjust to different currencies (optional) Connection to a printer (optional) Coin wrapping (optional)
  • Easy, intuitive operation for cash handlers, regardless of experience level 
Technical Specifications:
Currency range (basic version):  AED
Counting speed, coins/min: 300
Hopper capacity, coins: 2000
Coin bin capacity, coins Up to: 900
 Coin bin, pcs: 5
Counting modes: Mix count, Sort (Denomination) count, Add, Batch, Batch, coins 1-500 Reports on the display:  Counting mode, Total number of coins, Total value of all counted coins , Total number and value for each denomination, Error code
Display type / digits: LED / 7
Printer: Option
Coin tubes: Option
Power input, V/Hz: 110-220/50-60
_ Power consumption, W: < 45
Dimensions (W*H*D), mm/inches:  285*260*175/, 11.2*10.2*6.9
Weight, kg/lbs: 3.9 / 8.6

Cassida C200 Coin Counter and Sorter

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