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Rexel Shred Master RLS 32 Ribbon-Cut Shredder
Product code : NDS-94
Price : AED 5200.00
Brand :
Origin :
Made in China
Size :
905 x 540 x 530
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Product Description

Rexel Shred Master RLS 32 Ribbon-Cut Shredder

  Large Office Shredders

High Performance Shredding

Designed for the busy large office with over 20 users, this Mercury shredder provides sufficient security to shred confidential documents into approx. 40 5.8mm strip cut pieces. It features Jam-Free technology with continuous sensing, takes 32 sheets at a time and fits up to 950 shredded sheets in recyclable bags enclosed in a pull-out frame for easy emptying. Strip cut P-2 security level.


  • 5.8mm Strip cut, P-2 security level
  • Shreds up to 32 sheets in one pass; Easy to empty 115 litre bin; Can shred staples, paper clips, credit cards and CDs; Features door open/bin full indicator; Auto shut off feature after 2 minutes of use
  • High performance shredder with heavy duty motor for large office use
  • High sheet capacity (34 sheets = 70gsm. 32 sheets = 80gsm)
  • 115 litre bin (950 sheets)
  • Quiet Operation
  • Easy to use controls
  • Power saving mode activates automatically after 2 mins of non-use
  • Large easy to empty frame and bag - Display indicates with bin needs emptying
  • Fast shredding speed


  • UPC: 5028252062206
  • Cut Type: Strip Cut
  • Jam Free: Yes
  • Run Time From Cold: Continuous
  • Security Level: P-2
  • SHRED SIZE: 5.8mm
  • Shred Speed (per minute): 6.5'
  • Shredder Type: Mercury Jam Free
  • Dimensions: 905mm(H)x540mm(W)x530(D)
  • Weight: 53.6kg

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