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GBC SureBind System 2
Product code : NDS-735
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Product Description

GBC SureBind System 2

  • Adjustable Edge Guide: Allows for easy alignment of paper
  • Ideal for large offices with frequent requirements for secure binding; fully electronic; Automatic reverse to prevent paper jams; Adjustable edge guide which allows for easy alignment of paper; Storage compartment which keeps you organised
  • Storage Compartment: Keeps your supplies close to hand
  • Size Guide: Quickly determines the appropriate strip size for binding
  • Binding Operation ready and bin full light
  • Electric push button operation
  • Automatic reverse to prevent paper jams
  • Extra large drawer for paper chips and pin debris
  • Binds A4 and A5
  • 10-12 second binding cycle

Binding doesn't get any simpler! The SureBind System 2 is a moderate volume, strip binding machine. This electric punch and bind system combines power with space efficiency.

The System 2 is capable of binding secure A4 or A5 documents up to 500 pages making it ideal for medium offices with moderate volume requirements. Surebind™ 10-prong is the preferred choice of office professionals requiring permanently bound, tamper-proof legal or contractual documents.

Binding is so easy with the System 2 - Punch your document more efficiently with the electric one touch push button. Once the SureBind spine is pushed through the page holes the document is automatically welded securely in place by the SureBind System 2. The ready light indicates when the document is complete.

Page changing is only possible if the weld is broken with the use of a de bind tool which is provided with every machine.


In addition, the Surebind™ 10-prong format allows the secure re-binding of 21-hole documents originally bound using CombBind. This is a very useful feature when moving from the first draft of a document to the final, secure version.

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